No Rainbows, No Ruby Slippers, But a Pen


映画『STAND BY ME ドラえもん』

"Doraemon should never be made into 3D." This was my first thought when I saw the trailer of STAND BY ME Doraemon in February. And now I regret that I had ever thought that way. This movie will make you laugh through tears.


映画『STAND BY ME ドラえもん』予告編 - YouTube


STAND BY ME Doraemon begins with Nobita's first encounter with Doraemon. Doraemon comes to the past with Nobita's great-grandson Sewashi, who wishes to change the fate of his great-grandfather so that his own life will be better than what it is now. Nobita does not take Sewashi's story at first, but learning a possibility that he may be marring to Shizuka makes him accept Sewashi's request. Doraemon, though he denies to stay with Nobita, has to make Nobita "happy" so that Doraemon himself can return to the future.


The story is simple as we all know. Nobita gets in trouble, and Doraemon aid him with his collection of the 22nd century gadgets (notice that in this movie you won't hear the familiar tune when Doraemon takes something out of his yojigen pocket). Doraemon and Nobita build strong friendship as time passes; Nobita's friends also befriend with and interact with Doraemon. A little weakness of this movie is a lack of portrayal of how Doraemon is introduced to Shizuka, Seuneo, and Giant.


The main plot focuses on Nobita's effort to have Shizuka like him. An episode of Nobita going to the future to help grown Shizuka gets well developed. It seems to show how reckless and powerless Nobita is without Doraemon's help. However, in this significant moment Nobita succeeds to prove that he can stand up against an obstacle by himself. This then becomes a crucial turning point that makes Nobita feel happiest.


Having accomplished to make Nobita happy, Doraemon must go home. He seems relieved that he has fulfilled his role as an aid to Nobita. But he starts to feel sad as he realizes how much affection has been formed between him and Nobita. Three different POV shots of Doraemon looking at Nobita flying with a takecopter are inserted. Each shot has a slightly different texture of blurred image, which suggest Doraemon is crying as he remembers memories of Nobita's.


I have to admit that I cried a lot through the last part of this movie. I won't go in details of where I cried, but you will know what I mean if you see. And you will understand the powerfulness of the title: STAND BY ME Doraemon.


One last thing: this movie will surprise you with the quality of Doramon's 3D texture. It will make you feel as if in the 22nd century we really are going to welcome Doraemon into our world. Until then, we must appreiciate this movie and anticipate the future.