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英単語/英語表現 2017年12月26日

① fall on deaf ears: 耳を傾けてもらえない、顧みられない

"These experiements using nonnaturalistc imagery were the exceptions, however, and in general Sutherland's manifesto fell on deaf ears" (Decherney, p. 117).


spin off: (〜を)付随的に生み出す

"Lucas later spun off Catmull's division as the company Pixar, which was then sold to Apple founder Steve Jobs and later became the nimation division of Disney" (Decherney, p. 117).


③ de rigueur: 形式上必要で

"It became de rigueur for every fantasy and science fiction film in the late 1980s to have a morphing character"(Decherney, p. 118).


④ amorphous: 無定形の、組織のない

"The T-1000 was not depicted as a figure on a computer screen or given an amorphous shape, as in earlier films" (Decherney, pp. 118-119).


⑤ judiciously: 賢明に

"There are only forty-seven CGI shots in the movie, but Cameron used them judiciously to give the impression of many more"(Decherney, p.119).


⑥ free rein:行動の完全な自由

"Films like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004), produced by Job Avnet, and Sin City (2005), based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, started to be filmed entirely on motion-capture stages, giving filmmakers free rein to superimpose the settings"(Decherney, pp. 119-120).


⑦ windfall: 意外な授かり物、たなぼた

"The technical and creative boom created a windfall for the studios"(Decherney, p.121).


⑧ enjoin:禁止する

"George Lucas had the video, known as The Phantom Edit, enjoined from circulation" (Decherney, p.124).


⑨ surreptitiously: 内密に

"An employee of the talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) joined with experienced filmmakers to surreptitiously make a video blog, or 'vlog,' Lonelygirl15 (2006-2008), showing that professional talent could raise the quality of new internet genres"(Decherney, p.125).


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Hollywood: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)