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英単語 October 26、2015

Below is the list of English words and phrases I looked up while reading Amanda Putnam's "Mean Ladies: Transgendred Villains in Disney Films."



: to make (someone) upset or embarrassed

transitive verb
1:  to throw into confusion
2:  to disturb the composure of
— dis·con·cert·ing adjective
— dis·con·cert·ing·ly
\-tiŋ-lē\ adverb
— dis·con·cert·ment

\-mənt\ noun


border on/ upon



e.g. However, the gender-bending traits appear within male villains as well, as they are given overt (and even garish) feminine traits--some bordering on an implicit homosexual characterization.



mathematics : having the same size and shape

: matching or in agreement with something

2:  superposable so as to be coincident throughout
3:  having the difference divisible by a given modulus <12 is congruent to 2 (modulo 5) since 12−2=2·5>
— con·gru·ent·ly adverb
e.g. Thus, transgendered characteristics are those in which the sex of a person is not entirely congruent with their gender identity or actions.
: to describe or regard (something, such as a characteristic or group of people) in a way that shows strong disapproval
1a archaic :  brand
  b :  to describe or identify in opprobrious terms
2 :  to mark with stigmata
draw into
[SVO(M)]<人・物が>(人)を引き寄せる;(人・興味・注意など)を(...に)引きつける、引き込む(to, into, toward)
e.g. By performing gender outside of normative expectations, individuals may therefore draw into question much more than their gender...
: evil or immoral
:  flagrantly wicked or impious :  evil
— ne·far·i·ous·ly adverb
: very bad or unpleasant : deserving to be despised
:  deserving to be despised :  so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation <despicable behavior>
— de·spi·ca·ble·ness noun
— de·spi·ca·bly \-blē\ adverb
: different from the usual or natural type : unusual or abnormal
1 :  straying from the right or normal way
2deviating from the usual or natural type :  atypical
— ab·er·rance \-ən(t)s\ noun
— ab·er·ran·cy \-ən(t)-sē\ noun
— ab·er·rant·ly adverb
: beyond what is needed : not necessary
1a :  exceeding what is sufficient or necessary :  extra
  b :  not needed :  unnecessary
2 obsolete :  marked by wastefulness :  extravagant
— su·per·flu·ous·ly adverb
— su·per·flu·ous·ness noun
1 :  not palatable :  distasteful <unpalatable wines>
2 :  unpleasant, disagreeable <raising income tax rates is politically unpalatable — Mary Rowland>




: having a very plain and often cold or empty appearance

: unpleasant and difficult to accept or experience

: very obvious : very plain and easily seen

1 a :  rigid in or as if in death
   b :  rigidly conforming (as to a pattern or doctrine) :  absolute <stark discipline>
2 archaicstrong, robust
3utter, sheer <stark nonsense>
4 abarren, desolate
   b (1) :  having few or no ornaments :  bare <a stark white room> (2)harsh, blunt <the stark realities of death>
5 :  sharply delineated <a stark contrast>
— stark·ly adverb
— stark·ness noun
: to make (something) more noticeable
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